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    How to make Ice Cream in a bag

    How to make Ice Cream in a bag

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    Step 1: Measure Ingredients. Combine the half and half, sugar and vanilla extract in the pint-size bag. ...
    Step 2: Prep Ice Bag. Fill the gallon-size ziplock bag halfway with ice cubes. ...
    Step 3: Zipping Bags. Insert the pint-size bag filled with ingredients into the bag of ice and salt. ...
    Step 4: Shake it up! ...
    Step 5: Enjoy.

    Total time: 17 mints
    Prep: 2 mint
    cook: 15 mint


    1⁄2 cup half-and-half
    1 tablespoon sugar
    1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla
    1 sandwich ziploc bag
    1 gallon ziploc bag
    3 cups crushed ice
    1⁄3 cup rock salt

    DIRECTIONS (how to make ice cream in a bag)

    Put first 3 ingredients in the smaller Ziplock bag and seal bag (Make sure it is tightly closed!). Put ice and rock salt in the larger bag and then add the filled small bag. Seal the large bag.
    Squeeze bag until ice cream is thickened, about 10-15 minutes.
    Remove small bag, unseal, and eat with spoon.
    No need to even dirty a bowl!

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