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    how to cook steak?- how to cook steak only in 20 minutes

    How to cook steak?

    Points to be memorize;

    bring a steak at room temperature.
    high heat use for pan and oil. season with salt pepper.
    for medium rare steak, fry on a high heat, browning for 4 minutes on each side (based on 150gm, medium-thickness sirlon steak) making sure to moderate the heat if the pan starts smoking profusely.
    rest steak for 6 minutes before serving so the juices get re-absorbed.

    select your cut of meat.
    When folks say "steak," what do they mean? whereas it's not possible to mention that "steak" suggests that anyone cut, it will tend to mean sure cuts over others. opt for one that suits your feeling, taking style, juiciness, and worth into consideration:
    T-bone: T-bone steaks square measure strip steaks and filet separated by a bone formed sort of a "T." it's a fan-favorite, however the very fact that it comes from the cow's loin — wherever meat is very tender — makes it a bit dear.
    Porterhouse: half tenderloin and half beefsteak, the beefsteak is amazingly just like the beefsteak, with a skinny wedge of a bone between the 2 cuts to impart many flavor.Almost identical in value to the T-bone.
    Rib Eye: Ribeye comes from the rib of the steer, thence its name. it's what several people suppose once the word "steak" involves mind: it's lovely edible fat (thin layers of fat in between meat), giving it a slick texture and a sturdy style.
    New York strip: the big apple beefsteak comes from the short loin, an area wherever muscle is rarely used and thus significantly tender. though not as tender as a ribeye, the big apple beefsteak has nice edible fat still.
    Sirloin: "Sirloin" will visit either prime cut — a tasty however overpriced cut of meat — or all-time low cut, during which case it's simply referred to as a beefsteak. This cut comes from the rear back of the animal, close to wherever the T-bone and beefsteak square measure.

    Buy a thick cut 

    Anyplace from one 1⁄2 inches (3.8 cm) to a pair of inches (5.1 cm). Why area unit thick steaks higher than skinny steaks? With skinny steaks, it's nearly not possible to urge a superbly brown, crisp outside and a pink, juicy interior. With thick steaks, obtaining that balance could be a ton easier. it is often potential to share a twelve or sixteen ounce cut with 2 or additional folks, and sharing one massive cut between 2 folks is usually higher than having one little cut per person.

    Add marinade or rub (optional). 

    To soak or to not soak — that's the question. several cut aficionados frown upon the thought of adding something however salt and pepper to an excellent cut of meat. And permanently reason: The meat itself is meant to shine. however if you are doing decide that you simply need to marinade your cut, now's the time to try to to it. Here area unit 2 easy concepts to feature further flavor to your cut if you therefore select.

    Marinade: 1/3 cup soy, 1/2 cup oil, 1/3 cup juice, 1/4 cup Worcester sauce, a pair of items crushed garlic garlic, 1/2 cup cut basil, 1/4 cup parsley. Marinade for four to twenty four hours before cookery.
    Rub: four 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt, a pair of tablespoons contemporary ground pepper, a pair of tablespoons sweet paprika, one tablespoon onion powder, one tablespoon garlic powder, one tablespoon dried oregano leaves, a pair of teaspoons ground cumin.

    Let your cut of meat reach temperature. 

    If your cut of meat has been keep within the icebox whereas you waited for the right chance to grill it, now's the time to require it out. obtaining your cut of meat to temperature can do 2 things:
    Hasten the cookery method. Meat that is hotter takes less time to cook.
    Harmonize the doneness of the surface and within the cut of meat. If the cut of meat has been cold for daily, it'll take longer for the inner temperature of the cut of meat to come back up. this suggests that you just risk charring or burning the surface of the cut of meat so as to cook the cut of meat to medium on the within.

    If marinade or rub wasn't used, add salt currently. 

    the larger the cut of meat, the additional generous you must be regarding adding salt. Remember, there is double the maximum amount meat in {an exceedingly|in a very} sixteen ounce T-bone as there's in an eight ounce ribeye. Salt consequently.
    Salt before. whereas some individuals salt up to four days before, solely forty minutes roughly is strictly necessary. you'll be able to salt your cut of meat and wait the requisite forty minutes whereas it gets to temperature.
    Why no pepper? Pepper will burn throughout the change of state method, whereas salt cannot. Burnt pepper does not style superb, thus it's higher to use it once the change of state has taken place.


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